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Company Profile

Bicom Information Industry and Trade Co. took its place in Turkey as a distributor of information technology sector with Kodak, the world leader in imaging scanners at since 2002. "Professional Business" and "Latest Technology" Bicom acquiring these principles as a mission to itself, offers Kodak the world leader in imaging scanners, to its vendors and business partners through the market in Turkey.

Depending on the structure of the application Kodak with its wide range of document scanners in five groups including multi-purpose group, department, entry level, middle level and high-level group, offers a choice for every user as the most important difference. In other words, the KODAK document scanners, ranging from the business group level to high-end scanners.

• Up to 20 documents to 210 documents in a minute

• Up to 1000 documents to unlimited documents in a day

In addition, there are medium-and high-level document scanners capable of 12.000 up to an unlimited number of scanning per day.

Bicom has added the Kofax to its product range a scanning, forms, and image processing solution used in conjunction with scan-intensive environments. A period of more than 17 years since the Kofax in sector, developing technology on heavy volume document scanning and image capture.