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Innovative scanning technology from Kodak

With Perfect Page, scanning is faster and easier than ever. Scanning is all about capturing documents and converting them into images and information. You'd like to push a button and get perfect images. That's what has driven Perfect Page innovation for two decades. Every Kodak Scanner represents decades of experience designing, developing and producing high-speed document transport, optics, illumination and image processing. It all adds up to document capture that's easy, fast, and reliable. With Perfect Page, less document preparation is required before scanning. Rescans and operator interventions are virtually eliminated. After scanning, forms processing and data entry can proceed at maximum speed. This results in labor savings and optimum productivity.

The Perfect Page legacy: awesome processing power.

Here's a quick look at our current image processing capabilities, which vary by scanner model, followed by an overview of emerging Perfect Page technology that optimizes scanning even more.

White level tracking
automatically adjusts white balance according to what the scanner "sees," and delivers more consistent image rendering—page to page, batch to batch and scanner to scanner. Deskew, fixed rotation, automatic cropping, border correction—these capabilities combine to deliver right-reading documents with smooth edges without operator intervention. White background deskew capabilities further improve image appearance by eliminating black borders. Fixed rotation allows landscape feeding for throughput improvements of up to 20 percent for letter-sized documents while delivering portrait-format document images that are right-reading.

Automatic color detection
the scanner can automatically switch between color and black-and-white output according to what appears on each page. This enables more efficient image transmission and storage because you only capture what you require, color or black-and-white, within the same batch. iThresholding and Adaptive Threshold Processing (ATP)—analyzes the foreground and background of document images, assessing brightness and contrast, then automatically sets optimal threshold values. This optimizes image quality, making content such as light pencil marks more readable. Blank image detection/removal—recognizes blank images and automatically deletes them. By eliminating images that contain no data, this capability reduces demands on network bandwidth and storage capacity.